Ima Gonna Color My Happy Easter Coloring Book

Ima Gonna Color My Happy Easter Coloring Book

Black River Art

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Celebrate Easter with the whimsical little character Ima, created by illustrator Karlon Douglas of Black River Art.

Ima Gonna Color My Happy Easter has 24 super fun illustrations of Ima celebrating Easter in her own silly way. What a great gift from the Easter bunny to your child on Easter morning! Your child will have so much fun coloring giant Easter eggs, jelly beans, Easter bunnies, baby Easter chicks, and Ima within the pages of this coloring book.

These coloring pages are single-sided, so you don’t lose an image on the back of the paper when you tear it out to make the bestest refrigerator art ever. There is also a place on the back of every coloring page for the “AMAZING ARTIST’S” signature.


  • 24 coloring pages
  • Single-sided pages
  • Perfect bound paperback
  • Book size 8.5" x 11"
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