Cover 61

Cover 61

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Cover 61

Personalized Blank Comic Book


Each page in this 50-page blank comic book is different!

The pages inside each Create a Comic book are always unique, so no two books are the same. In other words…different cover design…different page designs. Dozens of panel patterns and page layouts on single-sided pages are here to inspire you and get those creative comic juices flowing. The page designs within this book are inspired by traditional and dynamic layouts found in comics, graphic novels, and manga.

Highlights of this book include:

  • 50 paneled pages for you to draw some AWESOME comic book art!
  • Every page is different!
  • Single-sided pages
  • Book Size 8 1/2" x 11"
  • A cool, professionally designed cover
  • Creative layouts for creative artists!

Choice of Language:

  • English
  • French

    Would you like this book personalized with your child's name?  Contact us with the cover number as well as the name you want on the cover (first names only please) and we can have it on Amazon in just a few days for you to purchase.

    Make sure to give us your email address and we will contact you when the book is on Amazon and available for purchase.  

    Or, if you prefer, contact Taco Head Art directly at

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