Drawing Prompts

Drawing Prompts

Taco Head Art

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101 Fun and Creative Drawing Prompts for Kids

Every young artist experiences artist block at some point. You really want to draw, but just can’t come up with something to put on that blank page in front of you. Not a problem! This book is filled with 101 creative drawing prompts to get that imagination jumpstarted once again.

Your kids can draw:

  • A hamburger being abducted by a UFO
  • A mushroom house in a fantasy world
  • Birds pooping on the head of an unhappy statue
  • A giraffe delivering pizzas on a scooter
  • A new emoji to take the internet by storm
  • Two goldfish in a bowl…one farts
  • A frog doing yoga by a pond
  • A jalapeno pepper riding on a bucking taco
  • A zombie that likes to eat donuts
  • And many, many more…


Important Stuff:

  • Ages 8 & up
  • 101 drawing prompts
  • Prompt at top of page…you draw below
  • Book size 8.5” x 11”
  • Fun cat design (‘cause cats are AWESOME)
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