Taco Head Art

Black River Art is proud to offer personalized sketchbooks and blank comic books by Taco Head Art. 

Would you like your name on one of the books below?  You can get one of these awesome books for yourself in one of two easy ways:

1.  Just pick the book you want below and contact us with the cover number as well as the correct spelling of the name you want printed on it and we can have it available on Amazon within 2-4 days.  Make sure to give us your email and we will contact you when the book is available for purchase. 

2.  Or, if you prefer, contact Taco Head Art directly at tacoheadart@yahoo.com with the cover number of the book you want as well as the correct spelling of the name you want to be printed on it. :)

Personalized Sketchbooks

 Cover #110

Dinosaur Sketchbook

Cover #111

Zombie Head Sketchbook

Cover #114

Rainbow Farting Unicorn Sketchbook

Cover #115

Toony Terrors Sketchbook

Attack of the Rainbow Barfing Bullet Birds


Cover #116

Zombie Horde Sketchbook

Cover #117

Paint Splatter Sketchbook

Cover #118

Paws Off! Sketchbook

Cover #119

Rockabella Skull Sketchbook

Cover #120

Cartoon Zombie Head

Cover #121


Personalized Blank Comic Books

Cover #61

Superhero Blank Comic Book

Cover #60

Demon Girl Blank Comic Book

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